9 December 2013

stencilling with glitter

Use our Alphabet to create amazing glitter stencilled writing! It's as easy as pie: just lay out your letters on a coloured background of your choice and sprinkle glitter all over them.

Make sure all the letters are properly covered with glitter.

Then very carefully lift away the letters (we used tweezers to grip them without disturbing the glitter) to reveal your word.

It creates a lovely effect and you can get really quite sharp edges if you lift the letters very carefully.

How about writing the name of someone you love and taking a photo of it? You could put it in a frame and give it to them for Christmas.

The great thing about glitter stencilling is that you can save all the materials you've used and do something different with them another day (although there is inevitably a bit of glitter wastage as it does have a habit of getting everywhere). Glitter + ecopapershapes = endless possibilities...

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