31 October 2014

halloween fail

Our Papercharms are so charming that they simply refuse to be spooky. 

This was about as scary as we could make them.

Not very, I think you'll agree.

29 October 2014

recycled halloween dolls

As you know, we're keen on all things recycled. So much so, that all our shapes are cut from 100% recycled card.

We're also not averse to recycling ideas. So here are some Halloween Dress Up Dolls that we made last year... Still spooky enough for 2014?

16 October 2014

sewing card house

After we did this, Ida wanted a go.

So we made a slightly more elementary sewing card out of one of our Postcards...

... suitable for five-year-old fingers. Complete with over-enthusiastically-punched extra hole.

One colour done, one more to go.

It was only while putting this post together that I realised Ida had picked colours to coordinate precisely with her headphones. Well, you would, wouldn't you?

The finished article.

Home sweet home.

stitched up

A little embroidery project for a rainy afternoon.

We took one of our Postcards and punched some holes in it...

... to facilitate a spot of decorative stitching.

We used cotton embroidery thread, but wool or even string would work just as well. 

Minna did the nifty needlework...

... while the cat was irresistably drawn to the combination of bird and string.

Wouldn't this make a sweeet dangling decoration?

Like so.

13 October 2014

seasonal shapes

Autumn is here, for sure. And you can find these seasonal shapes tucked away in each packet of Papercharms.

Also included are some other shapes that feel about right for this time of year:

Been seeing a bit too much of clouds like this lately.

A stout, rain-proof hat is definitely called for.

As is a nice hot cup of tea...

... and somewhere cosy to shelter.

You can get your Papercharms here. What sort of autumnal pictures are you going to make with them?