26 September 2014


Wouldn't it be great if you could invite someone over for tea using an invitation shaped EXACTLY like a teacup?

Oh, wait... You can! Here are our delightfully handy bird, teacup, house and cloud-shaped postcards...

22 September 2014

cloud 9

Some friends got married the other day, which was lovely and romantic.

This was the gift tag for the present I gave them. They are on Cloud Nine, you see.

I made it using one of our cloud-shaped Postcards...

... and drew the nine with the aid of a stencil.

Stencils are a bit of a personal passion.

And that number 9 is a peach. My cutting mat is quite mucky though, I notice...

19 September 2014


Oh, hello there. This cool kid is something we've been working on for the lovely eenymeenykids. Its a cut-out, colour-in ecopapershapes version of their very own mascot, complete with jaunty salute.

If you're familiar with this exemplary online kids' shop you'll know that this little guy is usually seen sporting a jazzy fairisle jumper - but we've left it blank so you can add your own decoration, thus:

Minna came up with this natty knitwear. We'd love to see Sarah Lund wearing something like that.  

Keep your eye on the eenymeenykids website to find out how to lay your paws on an eenymeenykid of your own...

15 September 2014

personalised possessions

Is your house as territorial as ours? I suppose fighting over who owns what is just part and parcel of the sibling relationship.

I recall one particularly bitter row over a mouth-organ (because it's important to fight over the stuff that really matters) when my youngest was three, which ended with the plaintive cry of 'but it's not HERmonica, it's MYmonica'.

Because we are a household of stationery fetishists, notebooks are often the object of heated debate.

Fortunately, our Alphabet is at hand to settle those disputes once and for all, marking out your papery territory for all to see.

That notebook is mine, by the way, and it's OUT OF BOUNDS.

11 September 2014

back to school

Hmm. It seems the holidays are over. In a transparent attempt to make the whole idea of going back to school and doing homework FUN, we made these pencil toppers.

I'm embarassed to say we relied on trusty loom bands once again. Embarassed because I have a sneaking suspicion that loom bands are going to turn out to be the next big environmental catastrophe and that in a few year's time they will be regarded in much the same light as plastic bags. I'm basically waiting for the first photo of a starving baby dolphin to be washed up on a beach with a knot of reverse-fishtail-braided loom bands around its beak.

Mind you, a friend of mine reported that her son made himself a tiny cock ring out of them the other day, so it's not all completely bleak.

But I digress. Back to back to school.

First we decorated some Papercharms.

The Cat in the Hat!

Then we taped them to some loom bands and then stuck them on our pencils.

Too cool for school? I don't think so. Depending on your school's policy on loom bands in the playground, of course.