28 November 2013

tea set of our dreams

We think we've just found our dream tea set. We covered our ecopapershapes Tea Set in glorious patterned craft paper which we got here. Loving those muted shades. Now can some kindly potter make us a full-size version, please?

 Get your Tea Set (blank-canvas version) here.

25 November 2013

top cake toppers

We love these Papercharms cake toppers that Rive made for her own birthday party. And here they are topping some cakes at the event itself:

Delish! Note also the cunning brown paper table covering that allowed Rive and her guests to graffiti up the party table (while protecting it from cake crumbs).

You can buy your Papercharms here.

24 November 2013

knitted dolls

Never let it be said that we don't look after our ecopapershapes. Here are some of our Dress Up Dolls kitted out in their very own KNITWEAR, courtesy of Sam's incredible knitting skills. Aren't they just the height of fashion?

Of course you don't have to knit to dress up your doll. It comes with its own cut-out card wardrobe, but you could also make clothes out of more paper or material or whatever takes your fancy. You can buy your doll here.

21 November 2013

18 November 2013

say it with papercharms

We're sticklers for thank you cards at ecopapershapes. This weekend we stayed with some particularly lovely friends and something a bit more special than the traditional thank you card seemed called for. So we made some thank you bunting out of our papercharms (available here), strung on string and suitably annotated.

It's nice to say thank you...

17 November 2013


People sometimes ask us where we get our inspiration from. Mostly it's hard to say, but there is one ecopapershape which was directly inspired by an object we really love this Japanese enamel teapot.

You can find its cardboard little sister in our pack of Papercharms. What colour will you make yours?

14 November 2013

getting twiggy with it

It seems that twigs are having a bit of a craft moment. Ever keen to keep up with all the latest trends, we fashioned our own twiggy ornament using some papercharms, glitter and silver string.

First we coated our papercharms in glue and sprinkled them with glitter, then attached some silver string to the back of each charm and dangled them decoratively from a twig.

Instant interior decoration kudos.

We propped our twig artfully on top of a picture, but you could just as easily stick a few pins in the wall and balance it on that. And how about writing your name with our Alphabet and dangling that? Twig-tastic.

You can buy your Papercharms here. Twig not included.

12 November 2013

break out the bunting, it's tea time

Maybe we're just trying to fill the Great-British-Bake-Off-shaped hole in our lives, but the time seemed ripe for some tea-time bunting. We decorated our ecopapershapes Tea Set...

... and stuck it to a length of string with tape.

 Now all we need is a slice of cake. Get your Tea Set here.

10 November 2013

tiara time

Sometimes you just feel like wearing a tiara end of. This birthday diadem was made with our Alphabet ecopapershapes (it was simply a matter of decorating the letters and taping each one to a pipecleaner wound around an ordinary hairband). But why keep them just for birthdays? Make every day a tiara day...

You can buy your Alphabet here.

6 November 2013

crafting close-ups

Because it's all about the process. And sometimes the stuff that happens around the edges is just as nice as the finished product.

You can buy your Dress Up Doll here.

5 November 2013

remember, remember...

It's November 5th, in case you hadn't noticed. Be safe, won't you?

Firework sound effects courtesy of the ecopapershapes Alphabet, on sale here.

little boxes

Do you like little boxes for putting special things in? We do. We painted some Papercharms with metallic paint for extra glitz...

... and used them to glam up some ordinary cardboard jewellery boxes. To make the boxes extra delightful we stuck some strips of coloured tape onto them first.

We think the results are rather charming. Papercharming, in fact... Now we just have to decide what special things to keep in them.

Buy your Papercharms here.

3 November 2013

how do ecopapershapes measure up?

We often get asked how big ecopapershapes are, so we thought you'd like to see how they compare in size to each other and a variety of other things.

You can find slightly more precise vital statistics in the 'our ecopapershapes' section and also in our shop.

1 November 2013

everybody needs a little privacy sometimes...

... especially when younger sisters are on the prowl. We used our Alphabet set to fashion this highly necessary sign for big sister's bedroom door. Peace at last. Now little sister just needs to develop a respect for precautionary signage.

Note also our cunning use of a sideways Z as a substitute for the letter N.

You can buy your Alphabet here.