24 May 2014

back soon


We're taking a half-term break. We'll be back in action 2nd June (June. How did that happen?), so any orders you place in the meantime will be sent out then. Thank you!

19 May 2014

flower dolls

Granny Dee's tulips were looking spectacular when we visited the other day - and they inspired Minna to make these wonderful outfits for a Dress Up Doll with some fallen petals.

Petally perfect.

15 May 2014

smart new look

We've given our ecopapershapes a packaging revamp!

Our trusty shapes remain the same but each set now comes in a neat little see-through envelope, so you can feast your eyes on the crafting potential enclosed within.

What's really cool is that these see-through envelopes are actually made of corn starch. This makes them fully biodegradable you can even put them in your compost bin!

Can you spot the subliminal message in this packet?

We hope you like our new look ecopapershapes, available now from our shop.

12 May 2014

hand stand

This is what Ida calls 'doing a hand'.

First, draw around your hand and cut out the outline. Then paint, draw or collage to add nail art, jewellery, a watch, tattoos, a cuff or a sleeve...

Those nails are painted on with real nail varnish, by the way.

This is just a selection of the disembodied hands that haunt our house, in various states of adornment.

So when it came to thinking about the shapes of our Papercharms we knew there had to be a hand or two in there somewhere:

6 May 2014

Papercharms forest

Minna made this magical 3D forest scene using our Papercharms and the lid from an old shoe box.

 First she painted some suitably shaped Papercharms to make her foliage...

... then taped a length of wire to the back of each shape. We used gardening wire because it's super-flexible and the right colour.

Make sure that each piece of wire is a few centimetres longer than the shape you're taping it to. Then just bend the wire back into an L-shape and tape it to the bottom of the shoebox lid to make the shapes stand up. Instant woodland.

And a perfect habitat for some shy woodland creatures. 

1 May 2014

keep out

Remember this? Some retaliatory signage going on in our house:

Deter your own invaders with our Alphabet.