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Our ecopapershapes come in five delectable varieties: Party Dress Up Doll, Summer Dress Up Doll, Postcards, Papercharms and Alphabet. All our shapes are cut from 100% recycled cardboard, so in addition to being environmentally friendly they have a lovely soft tactile quality and are ready for you to colour, paint, stick, draw all over and craft away to your heart’s content. 

If you're keen as mustard to get started on some ecopapershapes crafting, head on over to our shop right now and buy them; or scroll down for more information on all our different ecopapershapes plus some top tips on cool things to do with them...

Our Party Dress Up Doll provides all you need to mix and match a delectable assortment of outfits for the perfect paper doll.

Style up a party wardrobe and accessorise your tutu or onesie with rollerskates, deelyboppers, party hats, bowties, crazy glasses and even a tiny but perfectly formed moustache. Also included are a stylish range of tops, trousers and skirts, plus shoes and hair styles. We’ve even included some speech bubbles so your dolls can express their inner thoughts.

Each pack contains 3 dolls (each 18.5cm high) and more than 30 individual items of clothing and accessories.

Meanwhile, our Summer Dress Up Doll is ready for the sunshine with a cool collection of summerwear, including shorts, sundresses, swimming costumes and sunglasses. We've even included flippers, neckerchiefs and bags along with a range of different shoes and hairstyles for your doll to model. And each pack comes complete with some speech bubbles so your dolls can express their inner thoughts.

Each pack contains 3 dolls (each 18.5cm high) and more than 30 individual items of clothing and accessories.

No one would want to go about dressed head-to-toe in plain brown cardboard clothes, so use pens or paints to give your doll's wardrobe a much-needed pop of colour.

Don't forget to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise... Your paper doll needs watches, jewellery, socks, tights, hair – not to mention eyes, nose and a mouth – so draw them in with pen or pencil. And add pockets and patterns to their clothes to make them as functional or fancy as you wish.

These paper dolls don’t just look great – they’re chatty too. Speech bubbles are included so you can help your dolls express their inner thoughts.

Invent your own clothing for your dolls – maybe they want to dress up as a cowboy or wear a dinosaur costume? You can cut out new clothes from paper or card to add to your doll’s already extensive wardrobe. Or use the clothing pieces as templates and cut up scraps of felt or material to make a whole new set of outfits.

Try making a washing line garland by taping different items of clothing to a string and hanging them up. You could even use tiny craft clothes pegs to hold them in place.

Once you've dressed your doll you can attach it to a stick or a long strip of card to make a puppet.

You can buy your Dress Up Dolls here
This pack contains a delightfully random assortment of quirky cut-out craft shapes for you to decorate and use in a variety of ways. We call them Papercharms because we find them utterly charming!

Each pack contains 25 Papercharms in a miscellaneous combination of the following shapes: hare, coffeepot, tree, cloud, teapot, whale, leaf, cat, acorn, heart, hat, bird, hand, flower, bud, moustache, teacup, rabbit, house and speech bubble. They vary in size but are approx 6cm across.

How are you going to decorate your Papercharms? Paint or pencils? Sequins or glitter? It’s up to you...

Stick Papercharms to the cover of a notebook to make a special gift for someone – or a really special present for yourself. Or use them to decorate a shoe box or a small cardboard box to make a special container for your treasures. 

Use them to make your very own gift tags and labels. How lovely to give someone a present covered in your own custom-made decorations!

Fancy a necklace pendant in the shape of a cloud or a brooch in the shape of a hare? Decorate your papercharms as you wish, then simply punch a hole and thread on a string or ribbon or tape a safety pin to the back of a papercharm and start ornamenting yourself. Or try a papercharm-ing diadem; stick them to a band of card and crown yourself king or queen of your craft kingdom.

Throw a Papercharms tea party! Use them as place cards, stick them to straws, hang them on party bags or tape them to cocktail sticks and use as cake toppers – the possibilities are endless. Make sure there are some left over to go in everyone’s party bags though. 

Arrange some twigs or branches in a jamjar and hang with your decorated papercharms to make a sweet springtime table decoration or party centrepiece.  
If all else fails, you could always just paint them and stick them onto paper to make a nice picture.

You can buy your Papercharms here.

What could be more useful than a bag full of letters? Our fine Alphabet set lets YOU do the talking: each bag of lexical loveliness contains two full alphabets (each letter is 2.5cm high) and an extra set of vowels to assist your wordsmithery – plus one extra E, because we are considerate. So broaden your vocabulary and get alphabetically creative!   

Write your name on your bedroom door (just stick the letters on with blu-tack) or make a WARNING or KEEP OUT sign to deter parents or siblings. 

Stick to the cover of a notebook to spell out your name or use them to decorate a shoe box or a small cardboard box to make a special, personalised container for your treasures. 

Use them to make customised birthday cards or gift tags featuring a name or a special greeting.

Create your own personalised jewellery!  Decorate your papershapes with paint – adding glitter and jewels if bling is your thing – and then attach each letter to a ribbon or string with a loop of tape to make a unique necklace. A toilet roll or kitchen roll tube sliced down the side and cut in half makes a pretty cool cuff, especially when you’ve added your initials to it. 

Make sure everyone knows just whose birthday it is: stick letters to toothpicks and use as cake toppers to spell out the name of the birthday girl or boy or any other message. 

Make a crazy deelybopper that spells out your name: tape each letter to one end of a pipecleaner  and wrap the other end around a hairband, bending the pipecleaner so that it stands upright. Wear with pride.

Make an alphabetical garland to decorate your room. Add a loop of tape to the top of each letter to fix it to a string or a ribbon and then festoon your room.

You can buy your Alphabet here

Ever wanted to jot your thoughts down on a cloud or send a teacup through the post? We've scaled up some of our favourite Papercharms shapes to create these handy postcards for you to use as notelets, party invitations, gift tags, bunting or whatever else takes your fancy.

So now you can give a birdy birthday greeting or hand out a house-shaped change of address...

Each pack contains 4 cards, one each of house, teacup, bird and cloud shapes, all cut from our 100% recycled card and sized to fit into a standard C6 envelope.

You can buy your Postcards here.

So that's what we sell. But what are you going to make?