31 July 2014

express yourself

We like speech bubbles. We like them so much that we've not only included them in our Dress Up Doll sets but also in our packs of Papercharms.

Of course you don't just have to use your speech bubbles to make your Dress Up Doll come alive.

These ones ended up stuck all over a colouring-in poster that we have up in the house...

... where some very curious characters are speaking their mind.

Some of their thoughts are more profound than others.

The poster is from here, by the way. It's been a smash hit with the kids (and has got us peaceably through some very scratchy afternoons). I have also been known to steal away to sit quietly and do a spot of colouring on occasion. Very therapeutic.

27 July 2014

rings on her fingers

Remember we showed you the ring we made with a rainbow loom band? Here's an alphabetical alternative.

We painted some letters from our Alphabet and taped them to rainbow loom bands to make this set of rings.

Of course you don't have to wear them on your hands.

25 July 2014


We're sweltering, but our Summer Dolls take the rising temperatures in their stride. Luckily, they're equipped with all the seasonal separates you need to face the heatwave with style.

That includes sunglasses, of course.

And a swimming costume and flippers.

Sunglasses worn on head, for optimum poolside attitude.

And if swimming's not your thing, stay cool in a vest and skirt (with added sequinned fabulousness).

And what appear to be some tattoos... All ready for Carnival.

What summer outfit will your doll wear?

23 July 2014

ecopapershapes + rainbow looms =

A slightly unorthodox use for some rainbow loom bands...

We've discovered that they make perfect rings - and you can tape your favourite Papercharms to them to make them even more charming.

This bunny was a real hit. 

21 July 2014


Eenymeenykids in Tuffnell Park is one of our favourite kids shops in London. For one thing, they stock these beauties ...

... which we have already raved about at some length.

And now they are stocking ecopapershapes alongside all their other lovely wares! We feel in very good company.  Read all about it here. And swing by the shop, won't you?

17 July 2014

let them eat cake

So what if our Dress Up Doll comes with rollerskates, deelyboppers, cowboy boots and all sorts of other modern frippery? Sometimes you just want to dress up like Marie Antoinette.

These were the instructions I was given by my five-year-old. I sketched the dress and wig and Ida painted them and drew the face. Those are some magnificent eyelashes.

I think we managed a passable Kirsten Dunst.

And here she is with her 'servants'...

14 July 2014

birthday box of biscuits

A friend turned 40 this weekend (young whippersnapper). We used our Alphabet to make a birthday gift suitable for this solemn occasion.

 A nice box that once contained chocolates...

... is given a facelift...

... and topped off with some letters before being filled with homemade lemon shortbread biscuits. The forties are definitely the shortbread decade.

Just have to deter opportunist raiders before wrapping it up and handing it over.

11 July 2014

new ecopapershapes!

We're very excited to introduce a new addition to the ecopapershapes family...

We've scaled up some of our favourite Papercharms shapes to make these perfectly-formed postcards. So now you can jot down your thoughts on a card, send a teacup through the post, give a birdy birthday greeting or hand out a house-shaped change of address.

They're cut from our lovely recycled card so they're robust enough for you to paint, draw or write all over. And they're sized to fit into a C6 envelope - or just stick on a stamp and post them as is!

You can use them as notelets, party invitations, gift tags, bunting or what ever else takes your fancy.

And you can get them here

10 July 2014

So many outfits, so little time...

An exciting development: if you've checked out our shop recently you'll have noticed that our Dress Up Doll is now available with two exciting new wardrobe options: Party and Summer.

Get ready for the sunshine with a cool collection of summerwear, including shorts, sundresses, swimming costumes and sunglasses. We've even included flippers, neckerchiefs, bags and sandals!

Or style up a party wardrobe and accessorise your tutu or onesie with rollerskates, deelyboppers, party hats, bowties, crazy glasses and even a tiny but perfectly formed moustache.

Of course, if you can't chose between them, you could always combine the two for a summer party...

You can buy your Summer and Party Dress Up Dolls here.

9 July 2014

open for business

Just to let you know our shop is back up and running after some routine maintenance - and we've got some exciting new ecopapershapes in stock!

Peruse our wares here.

8 July 2014

get moving

If a standard Dress Up Doll is too static for you, why not introduce a bit of movement?

We performed some minor surgery on one of our dolls with the aid of some scissors, a hole punch and some split pins.

Result: one doll with poseable arms and legs for maximum manoeuvrability (and maximum play-ability).

6 July 2014

charming stencils

We had our school fair was yesterday (it only rained intermittently) and we made these stencils for the craft stall. You may recognise some of the shapes.

The kids used fabric paint to stencil them onto bags and tshirts and it was very gratifying to see a load of supersized, multi-coloured (sometimes slightly smudgey) Papercharms charging around the school playground. Is that stealth marketing?

4 July 2014

allez allez allez

Can you tell that we are massive fans of the Tour de France? Although we do appreciate that Mark Cavendish probably isn't going to notice a shout out from a blog about making stuff with small bits of recycled carboard, we couldn't resist our own little tribute.

We're bunking off on Monday to watch the peloton swoosh by. We're gutted Wiggo isn't in, but Allez Cavendish (Froome does nothing for us). And David Millar, we feel your pain and we'd like to give you a big hug.

more of your ecopapershapes

Our Friday just got fabulous.

Check out these divine Dress Up Dolls made by our fave North London pit-stop, Eeny Meeny. I do need a feathered, sequined, spotted jumpsuit like that in my life...

your ecopapershapes

Those clever folks at Spotty Herberts have been busy with their Dress Up Dolls. Check out their lovely creations here. We're particularly taken with that rollerskates and neckerchief combo the perfect easy breezy summer outfit!

We love seeing what you've made with ecopapershapes, so send us your crafty snaps and we'll feature them in a trice.

2 July 2014

ecopapershapes inspiration

From time to time we like to reveal where the inspiration for some of our shapes comes from.

Here's a clue to the muse who inspired this particular Papercharms shape...

... our beauteous cat Queenie.

Perhaps not her best angle, but, being a cat, she is not always inclined to cooperate.