24 December 2013

happy christmas

We're taking a break for the holidays and wearing these throughout the festivities...

See you in 2014 and hope you have a lovely Christmas break and a very happy New Year.

Sophie & Sam

23 December 2013

an early visit...

from Father Christmas!

We customised our Dress Up Doll, seasonal-stylee.

Ida is adamant that Father Christmas says 'Yo ho ho'.

 Who are we to argue when he says it with such delightful emoticons?

one last wrapping idea...

Papercharms strung on string. 

Simple and stylish...

21 December 2013

thank you, futurustic!

We do love blog Futurustic, so imagine our delight when a recent post featured ecopapershapes including this shot of a particularly tempting array of Christmas parcels, all elegantly labelled with our Papercharms.

Thank you Rebecca, and happy unwrapping!

20 December 2013

another charming wreath

Another day, another Papercharms-decorated ivy garland...

... making the kitchen look nice and festive. Now all we need is a mug of mulled wine.

You can get your own Papercharms here.

spell it another way

Avoid those embarassing gift mix-ups under the Christmas tree and use our immensely useful Alphabet to label your presents...

19 December 2013

keeping it simple

Much as we love the festive glitz, sometimes you just want to keep things plain and simple.

Our Alphabet and Papercharms turned these ordinary parcel labels into something a little bit more special like some wholesome brown bread after a solid diet of mince pies...

spell it out

Another Papercharms gift-wrapping idea (we're full of them):

18 December 2013

charming wrapping

Make your gifts even more charming this Christmas by using ecopapershapes to adorn your parcels! We added some festive glitz to our Papercharms ... and then added a bit more:

And used them to create the finishing touch for some otherwise unexceptional-looking tissue-wrapped presents:

Wouldn't you love to find one of these beauties under your tree?

You can buy your papercharms here.

17 December 2013

gift boxes

Some ideas for tempting little gift boxes, courtesy of our Alphabet, Dress Up Doll and Papercharms.

We think they're a gift in themselves, but they'd be even more of a treat if they contained cadeaux.

No peeking!

16 December 2013

happy birthday!

With love from a fond auntie x

other paper shapes

Some other paper shapes that we like: snowflakes, old-school style. In the absence of any proper snow we made these to decorate our windows.

It's snowing over our front door.

There's a blizzard in our front room.

And one in the kitchen, too.

We were rather hoping to spark some competitive paper snowflake action in our street. Wouldn't it look amazing if every single window along the road was filled with paper snowflakes?

15 December 2013

nothing says 'happy christmas'...

... like ecopapershapes bunting! We made this one by glittering-up some Alphabet ecopapershapes and taping the letters onto some suitably sparkly string.

You can get your Alphabet here.

14 December 2013

charming wreath

A spot of wreath-making is obligatory at this time of the year. We twined some ivy around a circle of wire and then made it a bit more special by adding some of our Papercharms, suitably decorated of course.

We think it's rather charming.

Get your Papercharms here.

13 December 2013

we heart glitter

Our obsession with glittering-up our Papercharms continues... Further experimentation with our double-sided sticky tape technique (explained here) produced this beauty:

Wouldn't it look lovely on a Christmas card? Or you could make it into a lovely Christmas picture to give to your favourite person...

12 December 2013

Christmas teapots

Who wouldn't want to hang glittery teapots from their Christmas tree? In our ongoing quest to find as many different ways of using glitter and ecopapershapes as possible, we made these spangly decorations. Want to know how to achieve that clever teardrop pattern? Then read on...

We cut a teardrop shape out of double-sided sticky tape and stuck them on to our Tea Set shapes. Then brushed them all over with glue...

... and liberally sprinkled with glitter (always our favourite bit).
Then the cunning part: we peeled away the top layer of the double-sided sticky tape (it's easiest doing this with tweezers) to reveal a perfect teardrop, all ready to be dusted with a contrasting colour of glitter.


All ready to be hung on the tree!

Of course you could cut your double-sided sticky tape into any shape you want to create stars, stripes or any other pattern. And you can get your own Tea Set here

buttoned up

After experimenting with embroidering our Papercharms there was clearly only one logical thing to do:

Job done. We think they're pretty delightful just as they are but of course they'd also make lovely decorations for cards or gift tags. Like so:

Get your own Papercharms here.

11 December 2013

just our cup of tea!

The lovely Ukkonooa, one of our favourite blogs, came up with this brilliant idea for using our Papercharms.

We think it's genius thank you Maija!