19 November 2014

christmas wish list

We're super-excited that some of our lovely ecopapershapes have been selected to feature on the highly covetable Blog&BuySale Christmas Wish List!

Take a look the list and you will see that we are in very good company...

Christmas shopping suddenly feels a bit less daunting.

16 November 2014

the c word

Apologies in advance, but we're going to talk about Christmas. Christmas decorations, to be precise.

Before you crawl back under your duvet in despair, please note that we've taken some of the hassle out of the whole hoopla by making these crafty Christmas shapes for you to customise.

Ida chose the bauble shape for some beta-testing.

But they also come in seasonally appropriate star, heart, snowflake and bird shapes.

They're just begging for a dab of glue and a sprinkling of glitter.

Like so.

No need to stop at just one colour.

How nice would this look dangled from your tree?

While we were at it, we had a go at a snowflake as well.

Most methodically coated in glue...

... and glittered to within an inch of its life.

 Fiercely festive, if a little previous. Still, no harm in being prepared.

You can get your seasonal shapes here.

13 November 2014

mystery object

We couldn't resist sharing some snaps of this mystery object, hot off the laser-cutter and intended for our friends at Spotty Herberts.

There are quite a few of them, as you can see.

What can they be?

Ida has some ideas about how you might use one of them...

... or a whole stack of them.

Keep your eye on Spotty Herbert's instagram to find out what this mystery object is and how they plan to use it. How very mysterious...

2 November 2014

autumn togs

It's NOVEMBER and we're dressed like this today. Bizarrely balmy.

31 October 2014

halloween fail

Our Papercharms are so charming that they simply refuse to be spooky. 

This was about as scary as we could make them.

Not very, I think you'll agree.

29 October 2014

recycled halloween dolls

As you know, we're keen on all things recycled. So much so, that all our shapes are cut from 100% recycled card.

We're also not averse to recycling ideas. So here are some Halloween Dress Up Dolls that we made last year... Still spooky enough for 2014?

16 October 2014

sewing card house

After we did this, Ida wanted a go.

So we made a slightly more elementary sewing card out of one of our Postcards...

... suitable for five-year-old fingers. Complete with over-enthusiastically-punched extra hole.

One colour done, one more to go.

It was only while putting this post together that I realised Ida had picked colours to coordinate precisely with her headphones. Well, you would, wouldn't you?

The finished article.

Home sweet home.