29 June 2014

a bird in the hand?

Another sneak peak of a prototype ecopapershape, coming soon...

Can you guess what they might be?

26 June 2014

spotty herberts

Oh my, we are pretty excited about this. Spotty Herberts is a lovely shop in Bath, jam-packed with choice clothes and toys for kids - and they've just added ecopapershapes to their delectable assortment of wares!
We've put together a range of special edition packs exclusively for them so, if you live in the area, zip down there and take a look. And while you're at it check out all the other lovely things they have too. We feel in very good company.

And if you can't make it to Bath, feast your eyes on their Instagram for a mouthwatering taster.

The cat definitely approves.

25 June 2014

sneak peek

Here's a little sneak peak of a new range of ecopapershapes that we're working on at the moment.

We're very excited about them. Watch this space...

23 June 2014

back soon

Just to let you know that we're giving our shop a bit of a tweak at the moment and (very exciting) stocking it with a few new products, so it will be out of commission for a short period.

We'll be back very soon with sparkling new wares so keep an eye out...

21 June 2014

time for tea

Ida spent an afternoon designing her own Tea Set

It was a real labour of love. The colours were chosen with great consideration...

... and the patterns painted with great care.

We propped it up to dry on a toy dresser.

And then Ida drew and cut out a table and chair for them to stand on.

I like to think that this may have provided some stylistic inspiration for the furniture.

Instant tea party.

All that's missing is the cake.

Chocolate and raspberry cake, to be precise.


I wish our kitchen table looked like this every day.

18 June 2014

ideal home

Each pack of our Papercharms contains an assortment of shapes carefully curated for maximum creative crafting potential.

For example, we've thoughtfully included a house shape so that you can start work on your very own Grand Design...

15 June 2014

say it with lemon tart

Another Father's Day message, excuted using our Alphabet and one of our favourite mediums: icing sugar.

First make your lemon tart, she says smugly.

Then place some letters on top...

... and let rip with the icing sugar.

We used tweezers to lift off the letters, so as not to muck up the lovely outline they leave.


happy father's day

Here's that bunting we made a few days ago, in place and suitably celebratory.

Happy Father's Day!

12 June 2014

smart card

If you're following this blog you'll know that we're sticklers for formality at ecopapershapes.

So when it came to dreaming up a novelty card for Father's Day there was only one form it could take.

We cut our tie out of an old cardboard box and opted for a muted colourscheme...

... suitable for the most serious of workplaces.

Then added some sombre stripes.

I don't know if the Bullingdon Club has a tie but I imagine it might look a bit like this.  

The finishing touch was topping it off with Father's Day message, spelt out with our Alphabet...


9 June 2014

father's day bunting

I have to confess that there is a definite bias towards Mother's Day in our household. In fact, I often forget Father's Day altogether. Shaming.

Anyway, we decided to redress the balance with some bunting.

We made ours with a few triangles of tissue paper taped to some string...

... and used our Alphabet to spell out an appropriate message.

Just a quick practice run before we whip it out on the day itself.

We'll be seeing you again on 15th June.

6 June 2014

sundae signage

I have no idea what to call these ice cream toppers? sundae signage? knick-knacks for your knickerbocker glory? but we made them the other day.

We sellotaped some Alphabet letters to cocktail sticks and gave them a quick slick of glue...

... then dipped them in sprinkles for a suitably ice-cream-sundae finish.

It was quite hard to resist the temptation to lick them. In fact not all of us managed to resist, but minimal damage was done to the letter M (thank you, Ida).

And yes, that strawberry ice cream is home-made.

 And it was YUM.

5 June 2014

hang it all

It's a nice breezy day for doing laundry, so if you've got a few items of clothing that your Dress Up Doll isn't wearing, why not hang them out on a mini washing line?

First chose and decorate your clothes...

... then peg onto string. We used those miniature wooden craft clothes pegs but you could just as easily use paperclips or even little strips of tape.

Then hang somewhere you can admire it.

2 June 2014

storage solution

Still on a mission to try to instill some kind of order in our living environment...

In a fairly transparent attempt to make tidy more tempting we covered an ordinary shoebox with some jazzy goemetric paper (Thank you Tiger) - and topped it off with our Alphabet.

Perfect for precious things.