20 October 2013

about our card

All our ecopapershapes are cut from 100% recycled card. Because it's recycled, our card has a lovely soft tactile quality and provides the perfect neutral surface for paint, pen, pencil, glue or whatever else you feel like throwing at it. It's very virtuous, but on its own even we have to admit that it's not hugely exciting...

So we've made it a whole lot more exciting by laser cutting it into a variety of delightfully quirky shapes for you to make things with.

Our card is also a nice medium weight – about the same thickness as a postcard or the cover of your favourite colouring-in book (if you want the technical spec, our Alphabet, Tea Set, Papercharms, and Doll are made from 280gsm card and our Specs are cut from 320gsm card). Which means that all our ecopapershapes are robust enough to stand up to some serious crafting.

So what are you waiting for?

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