11 December 2013

embroidered charms

It's amazing what you find yourself doing when the festive frenzy truly takes over. Embroidered Papercharms, anyone?

We think they'd look just lovely attached to a gift/dangled from a tree/decorating a christmas card. Or all of the above.

If a grown up punches the holes, a child could use a needle and thread to do the sewing. Or you could make the holes big enough so that some stiff thread could be poked through instead of using a needle. Then just knot it all up or tape it down at the back it doesn't matter how messy it looks back there as you're not going to see it.

What about stitching letters on individual Papercharms to spell out someone's name or a Christmas message?

You could stick them to a piece of card or even put them in a picture frame to make a personalised Christmas present for someone. Homemade Christmas gifts stitched up!

Get your Papercharms here.

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