12 December 2013

Christmas teapots

Who wouldn't want to hang glittery teapots from their Christmas tree? In our ongoing quest to find as many different ways of using glitter and ecopapershapes as possible, we made these spangly decorations. Want to know how to achieve that clever teardrop pattern? Then read on...

We cut a teardrop shape out of double-sided sticky tape and stuck them on to our Tea Set shapes. Then brushed them all over with glue...

... and liberally sprinkled with glitter (always our favourite bit).
Then the cunning part: we peeled away the top layer of the double-sided sticky tape (it's easiest doing this with tweezers) to reveal a perfect teardrop, all ready to be dusted with a contrasting colour of glitter.


All ready to be hung on the tree!

Of course you could cut your double-sided sticky tape into any shape you want to create stars, stripes or any other pattern. And you can get your own Tea Set here

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