17 January 2014

painless party bags

Personally, we think the whole party bags thing has got a bit out of hand. We'd rather our kids trotted home with a slightly squashed slice of cake wrapped in a paper napkin than clutching a bag full of party loot which has cost considerable time and money and which usually ends up kicking around in the bottom of a drawer. Bah humbug.

But if party bags are non-negotiable for your kids, what about giving a pack of our ecopapershapes? They're a crafty, creative alternative which have a multitude of uses and will appeal to kids aged 4-14 (and quite a few adults too). Plus they're already neatly bagged up and we've even thoughtfully added a little gift tag to each pack so you could write the names of your party guests on them. What could be nicer?

You can get them here  and keep watching our blog for more ideas on making your party go with a swing...

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